Swiss-Qatar Chamber of Economics

The Swiss-Qatar Chamber of Economics (SQCE) was founded as a private initiative. The Chamber is an organization involved in the development of economic relations between Switzerland and Qatar, mainly in areas such as investments, import and export, co-operation, exchange of technological and cultural assets.

It is the Chamber's goal to strengthen Swiss-Qatar relations by means of promoting common, long-term economic interests. An annual program of action released by the board should help achieve the Chamber's goals.

It is not in the Chamber's interest to participate directly in any commercial activity to be involved in a financial, economic, industrial or any other commercial project. Instead, the Chamber focuses on maintaining close relations with government agencies of both countries and the European Union, with economic associations, industrial and commercial companies as well as cultural organizations.

In pursuit of these goals, the Chamber is active in Switzerland and Qatar. With this accomplishment, it becomes not only beneficiary, but also essential for the protection of the combined interests involved, of all the members in Swiss-Qatar Chamber of Economics. The Chamber not only intends to foster and promote economic relations but also to encourage an understanding of another culture among its members of its Qatar partner organization. An understanding of the special features of a business partner's culture is certainly a solid basis for long-term co-operation based on trust in a cultural and economic environment.

The Swiss-Qatar Chamber of Economics (SQCE) is a non-profit-organization.

Our Members

Members of the Swiss-Qatar Chamber of Economics are trading companies, public and private corporations, as well as individuals.

Our Goals in Brief

To promote economic relations between Switzerland and Qatar (inclusive of cultural aspects). To encourage the exchange of goods, public services and technologies. To support and facilitate investments, co-operations and strategic economic alliances.

Our Services
  • Economic information and research
  • Establishing new contacts and business opportunities
  • Counseling (legal, tax, finance)
  • Local representation
  • Assistance in dealing with associations and public authorities
  • Provision of support in the establishment of companies, mergers & acquisitions
  • Facilities search

Swiss-Qatar Chamber of Economics (SQCE)
Wirtschaftskammer Schweiz-Katar (WSK)

P.O. Box 564
CH-8053 Zürich

Tel. +41 (0) 43 844 97 00
Fax. +41 (0) 43 844 97 01

E-Mail: info@swiss-qatar.org

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Registered member of the WCN, World Chambers Networks, in Paris
Registered at the WCF, World Chambers Federation, Paris
Registered at the ICC, International Chamber of Commerce, Paris